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From Temples to Apartment Towers - Aphrodite Under Siege

By , Guide   February 9, 2012

The grand city of Thessaloniki in the north of Greece is often skipped by visitors who are naturally seduced by the call of the Parthenon and other monuments in Athens and environs.

Serving once as the "Cultural Capital of Europe", Thessaloniki is renowned for its arts and vigorous intellectual community - but that hasn't stopped local development from threatening to "pave paradise" and put up an apartment building on top of an exceptionally large and ancient temple site to Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty.

Hm. Aren't those divine traits something Greece needs more of right now, not less? Not to mention the wisdom of adding another tourist attraction or two in a time when tourism may be one of the strongest and most reliable components of the Greek economic recovery... while the real estate market and apartment prices are plunging.

Save the Temple

Sixth Century BC Temple of Aphrodite to Be Buried to Make Way for Apartment Building

There is a letter blank to send to the Mayor of Thessaloniki on behalf of Aphrodite - and since Valentine's Day is coming up, you never know - lending her a hand might inspire her to smile right back on your own romantic intentions.





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